Monday, May 2, 2011

I have a story to tell

The final day of college… Due to the state elections, the security was tight in the campus. The final year project viva-voce, was on the last day. So, everyone in the class had to come. A group photo with all of us was still a dream. The class had sixty students and one group photo with all members in these four years was not possible…

I knew it was not possible even today. According to girls, the prime usage of photograph is to smile to a lens. That purpose would not be served on this day. Almost all had worries and tears. The thought in everyone’s mind was separation and loneliness.

But, there was one boy who had no worries and tears. He was happy to go out of this campus. I don’t know if it was his maturity or idiotism. But he was a man of totally different character. This boy had had enough in this campus. The prime learning of his being in college was solitude.

Many have shed a lot of things with these four years. Some people have lost their anger in these four years. Short temper, cheating, telling lies, laziness- there are quite a lot of virtues that entered and left people in these four years. The best time in a lifetime- 17 to 21, and he utilized it very well. He never missed anyone and always had a smile in front of others. To the boys, Govind was a boy who had no worries.

He always had a smile in front of others. While not in front of others, he often keeps thinking of something. To him, nothing in the world mattered. His college, friends, studies… But, there was this girl- ‘Anu’, whom he liked a lot. He talks to her a lot of time. He wanted to live with her. But, something was stopping him from taking this to the next level. Family and society. He had no idea of marriage with her, but he wanted her always very close to him, as a friend.

Once when Anu was asked if she liked Govind, her reply was, “Yes. But, not as much as I need to marry him”.

Their friendship, they say so, was really good and admirable. The happiness they shared was endless and their worries were very less. Their fights and quarrels didn’t even last for ten minutes. They had good understanding within them, and they cried for each other’s success and failure.

Govind was very sensitive and would cry the moment, he was hurt by her. But, she was a very strong girl, mentally. She’d hurt him a lot and wipe off his tears. This, she said, was to make him a stronger man, emotionally.

His days usually started with a ‘good morning’ followed by a smiley. The smiley was a very important aspect of his day. When it was a ‘good morning’ alone, his days were usually bad. He kept thinking about something that happened in the past.

The smiley made his day better than anything else. Govind had a lot of bad habits. As any college student, he was lazy, would not shave regularly, taking bath regularly was very hard for him and didn’t wash his clothes regularly. When she told him to do these, he obeyed. She never yelled at him for anything or compelled or complained. He obeyed to what she told, better than he obeyed to his mom.

I’ve seen him a couple of times outside the campus. Well… not alone. Everyone mocks at him with her name. He didn’t like it. His best defense was silence and vanishing from the spot. He changed into a normal human being from a child, and into a matured person because of her. He owes a lot to her.

The day before the final day, they were set to meet. He was there, 4.30 p.m. sharp!

“Sorry, had some work”, she told in between her rapid breaths.

“It’s ok Anu. Sit…”

“Ya!”, she sat and after a little relaxation asked, “Why did you call me?”

“Tomorrow we depart. What is your plan?”

“Separation. We knew this tomorrow was coming!” she replied and turned to the waiter and ordered, “Two coffees…”. Then she turned to him and said casually, “hope you still don’t drink tea!”

After watching all this drama, “Anu, how can you take it so easily?” asked Govind.

“Do you think I’m taking it easily? What is the point in a second person knowing our worries?”

“Am I a second person in your life? We know each other than we know ourselves”

“Govind… understand one thing! Even if it is your mom or dad, Husband or wife, any other person is not you yourself! He is some other person… Let no one know your worries!”

“What is the point in doing so? Why should me- Govind, be another person in life?”

“Govind… You must be out of your school boy shoes. Remember… You are out of your teens now… In a couple of years, you’ll be a man!”

“Anu… Don’t you feel worried? This separation…” He sobbed. Tears started to roll down…

“What do you want me to do? Do you want to see Anu crying?”

“I don’t want to see that in my life! You know what I live for. Never cry. I’m always here for you” said Govind, wiping his wet cheeks.

“I don’t want you to hide your feelings Gobi… I just want you to be a person, as you want me to be… It is tough, but possible”

That struck him really hard! “A person like he wanted her to be”… He never wanted her to cry, wanted her to express her thoughts freely and be happy always.


He was packing for the last time in her thoughts. The mobile beeped…

“My boy… Are you happy?”

He was packing very slowly. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He replied, “I’m not sad. Don’t know if I’m happy!”

He carried only these two bags and a brain full of memories. More than half of the brain was her- Anu- the girl who changed his life, atleast a little.