Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Semester Feelings

Certain things have got my attention these days... Its long since I keyed in... Lazy and not interested in thinking because of tension, the semester gives:-) Ya! Sleepless nights, and good for nothing books. Tomorrow i've an exam, but typing in, what i feel is not a big problem. Too lot to tell....


Is it the class of the game or the runs scored that mattered??? hitting like the boar head... Earlier, cricket was like: “bowlers bowl, batsmen bat and fielders stop the ball and take catches”. But, in the IPL, “bowlers bowl, batsmen hit as if they had gone mad and fielders either watch the ball going over their head for a six or they drop catches”... The poorest form of cricket anyone would see... there were atleast two drop catches every innings and there were average of 5 sixes every match. Now, if bowlers are for empowering the batsman's record, poor fellas... everyone was hit for atleast one six... And, there were more teams that were equally qualified for holding that cup... Knock out is the most idiotic technique... If luck is your way, even your team can win an IPL T-20 match.

There were instances of political segregation during this one and half month. Mr.Commissioner is watching the match on the screen of his 3G mobile, lying in a room in the stadium. But, me being in hostel, had to hear to mob cries and shouts... Chennai being in tamil nadu, fans were too many and harsh... There is a TV room in hostel that can accomodate 50 people. But 200 stand in it and the sort of shouting and whistling that happens, is clearly why British gave us independance(If they had not, they would have, that day)... They were also calling for every one to standin queue and ...............(censored) Everyone was deaf(they were shouting as if)!!! Once, my friend was telling me, he had to go to every state in India, everyt city here... But not Mohali, for his enemy (since the IPL started), was a big fan of Yuvraj Singh.

Tea shops in Thadagam road are all talks on this, because they want Chennai to win... It goes like Thamizhagam--> india--> mankind... If your opposite team is being supported, mankind even goes beyond this level. No mercy for anti-chennai fans!!! This is the rule here. There are dogs in my hostel, especially the one before Raveenan's room, even they were afraid of this mob, who were shouting, like they had got a microphone and loudspeaker... Dogs, they also made me think this way.......


There are two dogs of same age in my hostel. You might have seen what two dogs do when they are together. They, play(!!!) play, run, run... They don't have any work. We are having semesters. These living beings don't. I remember in smaller age, when dogs where doing 'something' and running all along the roads, and if we ask anyone at home what are they doing??? The reply would be, “adhu velayadudhu”(they r playing)... These seem silly. They were not playing, they were learning skills of life. But, dogs are really blessed... They don't get bored of the same subject (I think the subject is interesting) and they don't have the pressure of exams... well they pass even if exams are held.

Semesters come, senmesters go... We need to hang around forever. This will also pass away, But why not semesters..? Now for those who await my two days Oracle experience... “Please wait” I'm working on it.. I lost the script...

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  1. Deviation is an exception as far as Langdon is concerned. Good One and I enjoyed it as a Anti-chennai Fan.