Monday, June 28, 2010

If only she had...

An engineering college...

Second year...

It was the time for all these transfer and lateral entry candidates to get in. It was mid-july, and it was talk of the class-room about a girl, who would join them, later the next month. Lateral entry boys and girls came. Being new to the flock, they were enjoying this a little less. They were, not like the general lateral entry students. Each were interested in many different things, but none was studious and technically strong.

One was interested in making friends and hang out with them. One was a girl and was interested in films. She would never miss a single film of “Vijay', which released at a rate of four in a year. And the other guy was very interested in reading and understanding about sex. He used to read a lot, comment and even teach guys poor in 'that' knowledge. Eventually, the latter was named 'vatsyayan'- the man who wrote 'Kama Sutra'.

But, the girl who will come on transfer, was getting more attention than anyone who had already come.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

“It is because of two reasons. 1)many girls in our class are 'not-so-good' type- as far as visibly concerned 2) The few who came in the 'beauty' quota, would not open their mouth, in the fear of being loved”, said Govind, the Class Executive. He was the leader of the think tank for 'such' situations. He always had a text book way of answering and was to the point.

“But our guys keep talking to them. It never concerns them, if they are one among 'many' or one among 'few'”, replied the official comedian, seriously.

“The seriousness would be due to: 1)unavailability of girlfriends or 2)his already close friend not talking to him” thought the head of the 'think tank'. He even thought in a textbook fashion. “Have you seen anyone talking in public? Take our classroom. Everyone knows our guy Thirunavukkarasu talks to Aswathi over phone for hours. But have you ever seen them talk in person?” The head made everyone think.

Viswa called back the silence.

“It all depends on their mind. 'Heart' is the most important thing. Its very important that the people who talk, understand each other. Understanding...” as he pulled it longer, the only other person, who had been silent, started to speak.

“i'm going to give an attempt. Love is blind. Let it be even all those 'negative to senses' thing. A try... If it doesn't work, i don't worry...” Prem delivered his speech with a smile.

“If it did???” Govind, the executive spoke. If it was someone else, it was no worry for Prem. It now came from the best thinker.

The door was not locked. Vatsyayan entered the door, pushing it hard with his left hand. His right hand's middle finger was in the centre hole of a DVD. “How to ...”, as Vatsyayan continued, all except Prem turned to him.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Their excursion in second year was in the month of August. Prem's first plan sank in mid-sea. He had to wait. News spread that she was from 'Neyveli'. The couple of boys, also stood in race with Prem. They even boasted about the beauty of girls in their district. It made Prem even more enthusiastic. Prem was adamant. He grew more romantic, senseless, shameless and courageous. He wanted her love. He was waiting all day for her arrival.

Days went by... August was coming to an end...

Finally, August came to an end...

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

It was september.An engineering mathematics class.

“Application of partial differential equation, finds place in...”

“May i get in sir?”

“You are too early for the next class. ...In temperature determination, curve fitting and...”

“Sir, I'm a new student to this class” Prem was the firs to look at her. “Sorry sir. Had a small difficuilty in finding out this class room”

She was wearing a chudithar, a green and yellow with the same coloured shawl. Her hair was single plaited, clearly combing it from front to back. She was of the correct size for a twenty year old woman- not thin and not fat- was fair and she found her spot in the fouth bench. There was only a walk gap between Prem and ...

“Whats your name? Introduce yourself to the class”, said the professor, not revealing his liking to know the girls name.

“I'm Ishwaryaa. I'm from Neyveli. Did my Higher Secondary in Cluny, a famous school in the township. I was born in Kerala. Brought up in Neyveli. My dad is an Engineer in the NLC”

Her english was great. Prem felt like she sung. He was happy that, he had already fallen in love with a very beautiful and smart lady. Now it was all about expressing his love.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Something hit him. It took some time to realise he was dreaming. It was the smallest broken piece of chalk in the hands of the professor.

“...curve fitting and... curve fitting and...” he repeated it as 'Joker' tells to 'Gambol' an 'The dark knight' and stared at Prem.

Someone came to rescue. Prem didn't bother. He was happy about the disturbance.

“May i get in Sir?” Prem got time to look at his saviour. A girl.

“You are too early for the next class” Professor turned to Prem. He put his head down.

“Sir, I'm the new student to this class. Had difficuilty in finding this room. I'm a day-scholar. I reached here...”

“Thats enough. Get in... Introduce yourself” Prem was startled with all the world's shock in his eyes. It was not a song, it was not a green and yellow chudidhar. It was a miniature model of, of... He couldn't even tell an animal for reference. Prem had no words. He no more cared for the introduction.

Finally he got the simile. The “Unknown animal”, with the tortoise shell glass and hell a lot of pimples on her face, that were not visible for her dark colour had spoiled his two months of imagination.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Days went by...

Govind's words were ringing in his mind... “If it did???” and it did... Saddest part for Prem was what Viswa told him. “Even dark girls have heart. Try to understand her feelings, buddy. All cannot be Aiswarya Raai. Some have to live with Ishwaryaas too”

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Days went by...

With Prem's abnormal behaviour, Ishwaryaa left him. She no more talked to him. She never asked him why!!!

If only she had...


  1. abstract story eh.. ur first ? the narration and build up s all fine. needs some pep to added in here and there da. u ll know with practice. and the ending leaves it totally to the reader. i like such stories :-)

  2. If it's all imaginative, hats off man. But, if it is a reflection of reality, sorry I could not find even a single character comrade.

  3. Good one da.. I liked the ending as GS pointed out.. But somehow felt that the lucidity that was prevelant in ur previous posts was slightly fading in the first half.. nevertheless, u made it in the next half..

  4. @Rajvenkat
    No resemblance intended. But, some things are happening here. The characters are different..

    P.S. Thiru is not Thiru

  5. @MS
    Thanks na... I'll write, more...

    Thanks na...

    @MS & shiva..
    You both have inspired me a lot. Writing or speaches. Its always good when 'Dhrona' encourages 'Arjuna'

  6. @Anand

    na, I wrote it as it came to me. I had no rough draft. Those exchanges bring out the real impact of our coll... I still don't know why it happens over phone and not in person!!!