Saturday, December 25, 2010

God of small things...

If you don’t believe in God, visit the maternity ward in a government hospital. What does a new born child have to do with the worldly problems? Why are some children born with bent femurs and with vocal cords that don’t produce noise?

Why are they born with eyes that can’t see? Why are they born with arteries that have blocks?

Why are some children very fair? Why do some have good cheek bone and divine smile?

Why is there so much difference for people in their birth alone? Who is responsible? What is the force that makes this difference???

But, leaving this divine power and human children, there is something in the outside world, which calls a poet or an ardent writer to watch it. The small things. Be it a chick, a calf, a lamb, a cub, a foal or anything for that case. Beauty- is always born along with anything.

A sunset yellow- colored chick, which comes out of the egg, the chick that is yet to open its eyes to see the world, the white ellipsoid that gave various thought to various people- the beauty in it is excellent. But, how many painters, even ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ knew to touch their palette, to get black or brown colour out of white and yellow?

What percentage did he mix, so that he got various colours from the same white and yellow bases? A little mathematics would say, one could get 99x99 colours. But, look at the shades of colours of hen or the tail feathers of a cock. How many colours has it got? There are more shades than the number of font colours available in MS-word.

Not only hen or cock, take peacock, kingfisher, crow[a black and white mastery], woodpecker, parrots, kingfisher, parrots, vultures, eagles, hawks and all those little love birds, humming birds, mynahs and many more… All from shades of yellow and white!!! Is 99x99 the limit???

How lovely nature is! How lovely is the power that created nature! There is another big collection of things that are called ‘trees’ that comes out of a seed that is almost of one colour!!!

Green, brown, yellow, orange, red, violet… Oh! I couldn’t name all the colours in a tree. The leaves, fruits, bark, branches, thorns, stamens, flowers!!! Well, I got some more colours: rose, crimson, blue, pale green(stalk of jasmine)…

So many colours, from a single colour… The divinity of creation… Every small thing counts…

Once upon an evening time

In the month of May

While drinking juice of lime

Behind a stack of hay

On the twigs of a plant

Bloomed the fairy-white stamens

On the muddy, grainless land

Spreading the scent of heavens

Perfume- scent of flowers. All that is from the seed that otherwise would have been dead! The colourful chicken or cock was out of an egg, which otherwise would have been an omelet 3 weeks ago!

Living, is just, extended death. A death sentence that was delayed for three weeks, gives out such beautiful things to the world! A death, that was survived, gave out a plant, tree, flowers, seeds and again a plant…

Death, destruction- these when survived, can give us a life that inspires another life, to living! Life, the only proof, life was here in the past! What a beauty this world really is! How holy and divine these things on the crust are!!!

I’d wish men and humanity develop! I’d wish every man to see, a thousand colours inside the white crust of eggs! I’d wish, every human being to see a beautiful flower or a sweet fruit in a dying seed.

I’d wish every man to think of a harvest on seeing, a cracked land. ‘God of small things’, is every human being, filled with humanity.

P.S. Dedicated to the peahens of GCT.


  1. 1.If you believe in GOD, just visit the Maternity ward in a private hospital. Why can't i ask the same questions to you in different way. Do you think to prove the presence of God, He has to introduce differences in the way a child is born.

  2. 2.Do you think HANDICAP is the sign of God. Second thing is even more funnier. colors and nature are enjoyable only if the stomach is fed.

  3. 3.I can post a blog "human in great things" in contrary but i would like others to comment here if this all about something else

  4. I would go with your expression of seeing God in small things - only as YOUR way of seeing it. A ncely written article though. While it remains the beauty of nature is much a good subject to be appreciated, you have taken a good attempt at doing it..

  5. @Chinna: I've not tried to conclude about god. I've not said about seeing god. Don't you think there is something- some sort of power that has to be present, to create this?

    "Is there something called God?"- this remains unanswered. But, if there is a term god, then it can be taken this way!!!

  6. @mathi na: thank u! I'm trying to sharpen myself.

  7. The best of urs till date.. A writer has to be an observer first. Nice to see the way you hav penned down the things you observed..

    And I like that line "Life is nothing but an Extended Death".. Good one.. Move on.. :)

  8. good one da,
    But i felt something missing in this article, 'a raghu's touch'......
    life is an extended death-short but sharp