Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recent advertisements

I have wondered always why these very standard products like fevicol or so, still go on giving advertisements in television. I even now when watch some ads for these 50 ps. candies think of them as, sort of, idiots. But after watching the recent 'Fevicol', 'BINGO-red chilli', 'DOCOMO' ads I'm sort of thinking, why not... Thats a great enjoyment while watching Dhoni on crease. Those 'cover-cuts' and 'pull shots for a mid-off boundary' were amazing, and that very much orthodox batting made all the rest of 11(Sri lankan players)+2(umpires)+the batsman at non-striker end laugh! But who wants test matches these days!!! I watched 60plus overs of Dravid's batting. I love his style, but it was boring when the pair was making just 6 runs of 5 overs and also at times, I thought of leaving TV hall... But these advertisements made me glue in...

The fevicol ad where the mustache gets stuck for around 50 years. Me thinks this guy, 20dulkar was fixed into the team with fevicol. Long live his honor!!!

The BINGO guys have always been known for good ads... I was a fan of them from the "Vango... Ukkkarungo... ad". Amazing stuff. But now, their new ad...
Two lovers of the first floors in neighborhood. They used the usual "boys love making girls wait"[now, is that true?]. Girls are punctual[Isn't that the correct format! The probs is with girls na??? lol:-)]. Coming here... The boy comes late, then does a comedy track and asks for a kiss. She after some refusals gave a flying one. He acts as though making the kiss land in his shirt pocket and then a ah!(slight scream) The pocket burns... Then they show the chips pack in her hands!!! Its hot! That hot, it burned the shirt pocket! Lucky it didn't burn her mouth!

Another is the DOCOMO ad, where the player scores a goal and runs with his t-shirt on his head, goes on running to have a bang on the goal post. That one also is one great.....

These ads have made an impact on the public! I don't know why people keep saying .....is secret of our energy, .....2 times growth etc. Think people, buddies!!! "Uruvaakidungal pudhiya ennangalai" Or to put it nationally "dimaag ki bathi jala de"

Thanks to ad makers!!!

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