Friday, November 6, 2009

why are semesters called so??

Its semester! one down and five more to go. But, by now I met with 4 kinds of people. The contrast remains intact! After all people live by certain principles. I don't wanna break their meditation, but remember sitting in a room as small as a coconut, for over 14 hours is not easy! but, these days are hard to get. After a couple of years, what is all about your deal with examinations? Yes, the kinds of people!!!

i) People who are contented with what they have studied and serve in-spite of fear of examinations!

ii) those who have learned everything, and are not greedy, walk to preach sense! sacrifice, hard to find!!!

iii) those of them who know about 60% and are working hard on sitting tight!

iv) Those who learn only for the so-called examination. The second day you ask them, they forget... Oh! do they really???

According to me the prior three are all ok, but there is always a dark area in a discussion! The fourth group! they fascinate me! what is there to set your pulse racing in percentages! What 'Chinna' tells is correct! You can't write your fourth sem papers now on anywhere in life! Can you, if you are in third year!?? But, he belongs to group(ii). Preaching is different. Surefootedness of ones self is what is important! what is in there if you are one among top 10 in the class!!! I don't know why we write exams! Percentages don't vary much between two consecutive semesters! Some are very happy if they are one among the top score getters in class! Who are you in life? what matters in marks? How many around you still believe in your company? Do you still miss something in life-sure you would- why if you score a 85 do you lose something? Certain things are like this or that! No man is clever by some crap marks a good-for-nothing person gives!

My dear boys of group (iv)-What do you get of being so mean to others? Or What are you going to lose if you tell something useful to others?

As AVVAYAAR says "alla alla kurayaadhadhu kalvi mattumae!"
My reply to this is," moodhaattiyae, Impatience is the new life! No one in this world now is free to do a favour to anyone!"

Have you seen dogs on streets. They don't have any work, but they don't stop running here and there! Now my guys, what is difference between that 'man's best friend' and you? Who is the best? Exams have become a dog-eat-dog situation!

One more thing to you my dear group(iv) kids, "temme 'I can't' and not 'I don't know!', for not knowing is impossible if your score-sheets can offer you a so called job...

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