Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just another day!!! Isn't it???

Oh! People are shouting at the top of their voices and going around... Its the so called new year. I don't know if they do this at home, silly herd! Now what is new year, if you had read "The Da Vinci Code" or if you hear to Raveenan or me, they are just about numbers, to put it in a better way, its just another day! Its quarter to one on the third day... Its quite some time past mid-night... On the new year eve, at 10 past 12, no calls were getting connected, no calls were getting into my phone too... When I called at 12, one was shouting from the other end of the phone "celebraaaatiooon"... Oh! how many plans... All lost:-(

Leave phone, why were all shouting and celebrating??? Why should one get firecrackers??? Isn't this just another day??? didn't the sun rise and set that day??? Want a justification for my wrath? here goes it...

Don't you celebrate august the 15th??? "Yeah... Of course" would be an answer... If i ask "why???" you would say "India got independence some 3 scores before on that day! Now we mark its annual anniversary". Foolish isn't it?Celebrate the independence and not the day. Why should we celebrate it? Why should there be a national holiday on that day to all these idle idiots? Now, if it comes on a tuesday or thursday, one more day gets the holiday count!!! CL- they call it so! I don't know if you know dear reader, our motherland wants to be a developed country and has national holidays 4 times that of many countries...

Ok!Its a different feeling to be on a holiday! Tamil Nadu has the most number of hols in india!!! I don't know if that comedy "all were born on national holidays"-is quite serious as we say "Pizza is delivered faster than ambulance"... Painful truth!!!

If you think, I sound good, help me promote this! But, xx.xx% want holiday on each day, and y=100-xx.xx tends to zero!!! will someone follow what a tend to zero minority wants to hear???

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