Monday, January 18, 2010

What do you believe in???

Where do I start when I say about this topic? What logic do I give first…? I have a set of things to be told. ‘Atheism’- This word rings these days a lot, in my ears. The point is “have these people read something in their life so far!?!” The ideologies of my friends have been influencing me a lot in the recent past. I’ve started thinking, based on many things said by them. For instance Chinna had been talking a lot on atheism in the past. His dialogues are always good, sensitive and appropriate. I feel happy while talking to him as, even after all this, he is a good listener. To be simply simple- “the perfect corporate guy” He was telling the previous night “there is hype for caste votes and these days there are more Atheist than theists. So, if you are an Atheist, you can even go on to win elections” What do you think about this reader???

On a bad day I went to a temple, my favorite in Coimbatore- Sree Dharmasastha Thirukoil in Mettupalayam road. Before I went there, I was depressed due to many reasons. I had headaches. I love that place the most. I don’t know if that is because I like the Cantonment Ayyappan temple in Trichy. I did a ‘Pushpanjali’ in my dad’s name. I came out. The 8 o’ clock wind with less pollution, no sound and the peace filled, traffic less ‘Bharathi Park Road’. The way I was riding back, I forgot every worry in me. Then, the day was unusually superb. Next day night at when dad called told me “hi my boy… Every thing is fine here… Any thing special there?” then on we went with formal discussion and I told…”give this to amma”… Amma told “dey, Appa’s Car DVD player has been stolen… It costs INR 5000. Aanandhi aunty lost INR 15000 worth Player” Then the phone was forced into Dad’s hand, and he went on to explain the modus operandi. He explained me how easy it is to rob a ‘TATA INDICA’… All that was in my mind was that ‘Pushpanjali’… But, when I told Chinna about this he told, “My mom tells me excellent stories of this Genre. If you had not done that Pushpanjali, something worse would have happened da!” An episode of great theological importance…

Another one was, some days before, I used to stand and pray in front of Gods that certain relationships must not break. And these days, I no more do it. I got a friend, not Chinna, but who believes very feebly in God. “Naan Idha senju mudikkanum kadavulae nu venda maaten. But, senju mudikkanum nu nenappen!!!” A drop of Self-confidence. That will do. When I hear this stuff, I really think if there is any need to worship. There is some eternal power that makes things to work. And can someone telling that eternal power something, change it anyway??? That’s a valid point, yet if everything is written, why we need to work on to live??? Again valid, but why not consider it as, Working so is what is written for you!!! Then, entire thinking in life was “atheism”

Then, it was Pongal holidays. I had a lot to think. But, certain things happen in life… It was Jan14. Evening around the time of sunset… Everyone was in front of the television, switching every possible Malayalam channel available in DTH- Kairali, Jai hind and Amrita. When dad looked into the calendar for time of sunset it reminded me of Forsyth’s ‘Day of the jackal’-The mistake that led to the arrest of the shooters. And finally the sunset was at 18:19. Now, it was 18:36 in the grandfather clock of the hall at home. And eagerness grew… It was almost the time, and the eagerness grew to its peak as they kept switching channels during commercials to watch it live… “Play Podhigai or some DD channel… they’ll show it live there” said me. And, to my surprise, my words were listened to. It was 18:38 and the light they were waiting for, shone on the ‘Ponnambala medu’… First time, a huss came out from the loudspeakers of the TV as it was a live relay and then one more after a few seconds, and one more time… That was it. Then there were devotional songs of Ayyappan in the channel and then the end credits. All were praying the television at home. That was from the atheist point of view. But, how did it- the light- shine out of nowhere on the top of a hill… How did a star started to climb into the centre of the sky from the horizon in ‘within’ an hour… How did an eagle come out of nowhere and how did everything happen on the same day… The minute I thought about all this, the Atheist in me started to diminish. But the People who prayed the television also kept me thinking… What is God???

I like this guy Kannadasan who tells, “An atheist has nothing to explain... He just has to say something idiotic. But the people who believe in this so-called God had to write all these stories to make an overview for the majority of the population”… But Shakespeare also holds cards, “All the world's a stage and all men and women merely players” So, what is the reality… Do we anymore need to trust in God??? Can’t anything that gives us peace of mind be called “GOD”!!!


  1. Quite an interesting blog man, Sorry to make a delay in following your blog. I just have to add another point by OSHO, "I Don't say GOD is dead but he is Unborn". If you want to bring people together and make them show love to mankind, you can even say "GOD is eternal and Omnipresent".