Monday, October 19, 2009

Sometimes in life....

Its diwali… oh! It’s over… It has been a festival that has brought enough unsettlement in mind! Now I would love to tell you certain characters that brought out a change in life… By now a few have read my diary and those will surely know these characters-The lovable idiot & The Ratchasi… Yap! They both have been a very integral part of the past 4 months… There was tears (enough of it); worries; cries- but a small happiness in it. Happiness has always been there. But the poor chubby boy who went to school with a broad smile on his face; making people on the road forget their regular worries- with a mind that expected nothing & with an unforgettable face – knew it very late that “loss is hereditary; everything is lost at least once in life- Regaining the lost things is what that matters”. You need not be born rich to make this world look at you. It has been a bad month while considering the happiness of that chubby boy… It is tough living with ‘everyone’ misunderstanding you!!! Now, after he has had enough of it he is looking for peace and it has been late to realize that it is all within- the self…

It is not that he didn’t know it before, but knowing things is not like realizing it. Some people take immense- when I say immense I mean it- pleasure in disturbing -rather making ones mind unsettled! - others. Not every day does a man get a chance to travel in the slowest express in the state without talking a word to a couple of his accompanying passengers! It is not regular that your friend, talks well just to hurt you big time later on! It isn’t regular that one your most trusted one asks you about your errors in the past two months that you even has forgot!!!! These aren’t regular but when this happens it takes a lot of self-confidence and reality-realization to accept this as ‘mahaans’ do! Now realization does not occur always. I had to take around 20 days of worries and a day’s happiness, then again was very much worried to take in that defeat in life. But when thinking turns this way- “How is this event of a boy digging rite behind me going to affect my career big time?” – It’s really frustrating that “was it for this we were so much worried?” Hope you get me!

Was ‘the lovable idiot’ so dumb? Was he a masochist? Are people so? Can people be so bad? Don’t they have a mind as normal as humans? Don’t they understand the concept “Rehan loves you more than you love Rehan”? I can’t get this kind of people who on purpose do such things that insult- rather makes people fools- at that moment of the happening! Have you met such people???


  1. there are tough times in life during which we must learn to hold on. we must develop that strength

  2. Ethu nadanthatho athu nandragave nadanthathu!!
    Ethu nadakka irukiratho athuvum nandragave nadakkum!!...

    ...Intha maatram ulaga niyathi aagum...!!

    -Thanks to 'Gita'