Saturday, October 31, 2009


It has been a long time since man has started searching for reasons! Yet he is still in a fix on everything he does! He always doubts if that is correct or wrong. Some don’t worry and they aren’t worried about society! Ah, society!!!
Society… what is it after all? A formation, formed by people! And people worry about ‘themselves’! Crazy! Certain times when my dad asks certain questions, it makes me think a lot! Like, when one of his brothers was opting to marry a girl he loves, his question was, “what is bigger? 30 years of your blood relation or 5 and half years of this relationship?” Reply was “this is big! Its fiiivee and haaaalf years!!!”… Never is a life without anyone to support, happy! U imagine a life where you live alone with your wife, her family don’t respect you to a piece of ___ and yours don’t even to the dog in the streets (Great India!!!). I’ll never forget my hearty one hour talk with one of my friends in this situation! A marriage with a classmate! Now, onto his story…

Once upon a time in GCT studied two people who loved each other more than themselves! Oh, I’ve different meanings for love! But, they were of the opposite gender- a sincere, dedicated love that would end up in marriage. It’s not necessary for us to mention this in India! Their religion was the same, but the castes did differ. I read in Rum’s blog that humanity can develop on marriage to a different religion’s person! He has a brother who has already married a girl of a different caste. So, his mother is so much worried about this one’s marriage! “You can’t explain logic into your mom if problem is yours!” His mother wants him marry a girl who she would choose! Her concern is all about the society. His brother’s marriage wasn’t that populous and extraordinary!!! Why is that we think marriage should be embarrassing and difficult? For the whole day we sit in front of fire, posing for photographs, having our face extra-ordinarily happy, in-spite of all difficulty! That is the day- yet, every man is looking forward too! Of course woman also!
Coming to the girl’s side, I don’t know much, yet, her mom is single after losing her husband when this girl was in std.II. All the way she has toiled hard to save this girl from male chauvinism! I could see her mom has played her part well, not only me, but every one in that class ‘must’ think so! Her mother has won that game of bringing her up. That girl is now a woman, with a lot of self-confidence, but with less sense!!! In love marriages many say that it’s one person’s mistake… I don’t know who went wrong here... May be ‘the big guy’ has personal plans for them!
In general, my question is, what’s wrong in all this if they r going to live forever, if they are going to give you good grand-children, if they are going to give you a birthday gift on your 60th b’day, if they are going to make this world look back for good reasons, if they are going to lead a peaceful life????? Note there is an “if they are going to” in all that! Now if all that didn’t happen then… this also has an ‘if’!
My dad used to say “cheriyon valudhaavillannum; poyon thirichu varillannum ennum vijarikkarudhu” It means “u can’t expect that a small person will not become big; also you can’t think that a departed person would not return back”. Moral of the story- is you can’t expect anything to happen!!! Anything can happen and some power makes it happen…
Why is Indian society so crap? Should we always be conservatives? Should we adjust to the society rules? Should we for every thing we do, think what the society will think about it? Should we this… Should we that… OR, IS IT THAT WE SHOULD ADAPT TO OUR NEW ENVIRONMENT? Society… sack it and give it a push. Let it fall in from the cliff into the valley…

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  1. good thinking we must be how we are and must not change our behaviors through the fear of the thinking of the society