Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wrath on paper presentation

It has been few days since i did a paper presentation. As i said in my earlier blogs, I also did in the same way... Got my friend's paper and presented it the worst way it could be. The most funny thing is, a couple of my friends did the same paper in another college.

The history of that paper is quite notable... It got a first in one of the college it was presented and also a second in another reputed institution. Now let me tell you the story... I entered a search in google "Brain Gate System". I did this to clarify some doubts. The thing I saw was amazing. As my friends told us about copying their paper, I thought it was entirely their work; but...

My paper was due the next day and I saw that happen that night. The paper entirely was a cut, copy, paste(editing) work of the first few web results. Amazing..... Now when I asked my friends the question changed, "Would you have got the idea of Brain Gate if we didn't tell?". Oh! that was great... At least now I'm happy that my friends know a lot of questions... huh!!!

The queries that were asked to Satheesh and Mathan were amazing... The judge even said that this paper was very old. This was in the other college with our, oh! sorry, their paper. It so happened that I had two of other debutants. Their paper was going on while the judges were laughing. The judges were so happy. It was a paper on how to detect if a driver is sleeping (what Sankar and Sriram presented the previous week). There was nothing for a joke in it... We were even afraid that someone out of the crowd would stand up and shout,"Goyalae, idhu enga paper da!"

I am actually angry on this... I don't want to say circumstances... But, it happens to many that they are forced to do things they don't like or deserve. It was like I was completing a semester without a credit. So, had to do all this... My question is, "If 10 do the same paper in class why not the next two?". Try answering this...

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